Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Discovery Channel

I just saw this incredible commercial. It made me tear up. It's good.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Funny song

So Russell and I found this super funny song online. I've had it suck in my head all day. But I do want to explain that this song is not about being gay, it's about the gay things you say to your friends to be funny. Like when Ryan says he is bringing Russell to the party as his date so that I wont take his attentions...

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Hey, so I knew the giveaway would be between the two of you and that's just fine by me :) I am still working on the centerpiece which I am hoping to make out of the Turquoise I picked up at an abandoned mine on the day of my geologic mapping final. Which is a great story btw.

I was in what I fondly called the "remedial mapping" group. We were the few that our professor would keep close while everyone else was wandering. He checked our maps more often, and usually they were wrong. We were also not as fast as everyone else and often lagged behind our former military classmates. We had one day to practice before we were on our own with the blank paper map which was our final. I stayed near the professor all day trying to clean up my act, but really, I knew the final would be particularly hard for me. The day of the final, we were grouped "randomly". I saw right through that. We were actually grouped by ground speed. The former-military were in one group, athletics in the next, slow-but-good-mappers, and then myself with the slow-but-not-so-good-mappers. We took our final, and yes I was slow, but I also received the top grade! And that is something I will always be proud of. My professor and TA were very happy that I blew their expectations out of the water.

Anyways, I picked up a bunch of rocks on the way back from that trip and I am hoping to turn them into something cool. Maybe they will be ready by Christmas :)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Making Jewelery!

So I have decided I need more hobbies. I thought I would start sewing more quilts and such first, but...

A few months ago I found these pearl and rock beads at a garage sale...

They've been just sitting on my desk until...

I was looking through my rock and gem magazine (yup, geology magazines) and saw some beautiful WIRE WRAPed jewelery.


Bought wire today and started just wrapping.

And I love it!


I am doing a giveaway!

One of those stones will be the centerpiece.

Here's a close-up:

And it really hurt my fingers so I will stop typing now (first thing tomorrow I am buying bottle-nose pliers).

Leave a comment on what color rock you think would be best for the center piece.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Growing up?

In college, I took a Psychology 101 class. A lot of those lessons stuck with me and I think of them fairly often. One of the classes was about cultural milestones. As in, doing this means you have passed into a new phase of your life. Many Native American tribes celebrate their milestones by receiving a new name. Well, if I were Cherokee, I would have a new name now. I imagine it would be something like "Running Crazy" or "She-who-has-no-life-outside-work".

But that is not the point of this blog. I wanted to share a few thoughts about growing up and what that means. Growing up. Means. Absolutely nothing.

Because we never stop growing up. For my entire life I think I have thought I was grown up. Started going to school, OK now I'm grown up. Started wearing pants and a backpack to school, OK now I'm grown up. Had my first boyfriend, yep this is it. Started driving, officially grown up now. Went to college, I am so grown up I can't stand it. Graduated college, can I stop now? Got my first real job, OK, I'm grown up enough. Got my first promotion at my first job, really... uh... can I stop growing up now?

worker cat is  brings home teh bacon

My point is, when is grown up really grown up? Even while I am struggling with the concept of never reaching the mighty "grown up" status, I am thinking about more of life's milestones.

Marriage, ya that's pretty grown up.

OMG Shirley, dat diamund iz hyuuge!!

Children, wow for sure that means you are fully-grown.

U gots a problem  wif ma kid?

A career, retirement, old-age, those concepts are just too far to fathom for me, but really? When I'm old, will I have finally grown up?


I sure hope not :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hey mom! I see your town

Hey mom, Is this at that gas station the twins always stop at? It sortof looks like it. If it isn't this MUST be around there somewhere :P

Sunday, July 18, 2010

feeling wierd

I'm feeling weird about this. I saw it on post secret today and I almost definitely recognize this photo. I had a whole bunch of them. taped up to my walls in my room. I loved pictures of the sky. This picture looks a lot like one taken by an ex-boyfriend of mine. It makes me feel really weird and nostalgic or something. Because ya, even if this isn't the same photo, or person, it really does immediately remind me of him. And that's not exactly a good thing for me. I'm not sure a person ever gets over their first love, even if they have moved on.

How do you feel about your first love?